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Oh my god, it's my last day in NYC!

It doesn't feel very momentous, not yet, at least. This is partially due to the fact that I am spending today doing a bunch of errands and boring stuff: dropping things off at the post office, waiting for UPS to come and pick up my larger items, doing the final packing, going to pick up the rental car, and some last-minute shopping (sleeping pads, hiking shoes, a fleece, a funeral dress).

I think awhile ago, I had this idea that I'd spend my last day in NYC doing all of my favorite activities and having a fabulous city day. However, I don't feel bad that it's not working out that way because, as I've said a million times now, this summer was so fabulous, and the entire summer has kind of been one big, long send-off. So no regrets - hell, I even managed to get in my Cyclone ride at Coney Island last weekend. (Terrifying, absolutely terrifying, and I usually love rollercoasters. I do not, however, like rollercoasters that feel like they are going to collapse underneath me. Dear lord.) I couldn't have asked for a better NYC summer.

Last night, I went with Liz and Kate for one last picnic in Central Park, as the Met Opera was doing "Rigoletto" on the Great Lawn. The music was beautiful, and it was nice to spend one last evening in the park.

During the opera, I also may have exchanged some cute text messages with Drummer Boy. I texted him to tell him that I had a great time and that if he had free time today and wanted to hang out or something to give me a call. He texted back, quite enthusiasticaly (there were exclamation points used) that he had a good time, too, and that we should hang out tonight "for sure." *crosses fingers* There were also "Snakes on a Plane" jokes made. And I sat there in the park with the biggest, goofiest grin plastered across my face. In other sickeningly cute crush news, I'm making him a "Muthaf*cking Snakes on a Muthaf*cking Plane" mix CD. Ho hum. Excuse me while I go and drown myself in this vat of caramel over here. (Oh, who am I kidding...I'm loving this.)

In five hours, I get to have my first NYC driving experience. Egads.
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Play that funky music.

My post yesterday about the Beatles got me thinking about bands and musicians in general, and in particular, favorite bands and artists. That reminded me of a throwaway quote in a review I read last week. The quote was something along the lines of, "If you had to list your top 10 albums...." Personally, indecisive person that I am, I'm not really sure that I could ever compile such a list. But I know that's certainly not the case for everyone. And thus, a poll.

Do you have an all-time favorite artist/band?

No, I can't choose between my many favorites.
Not really - my "favorite" changes all the time.

So, who is your favorite band/artist?

What about a favorite album?

Too difficult to choose just one.
I have a current favorite, but that may very well change next week...or later today.

And what is that favorite album?

And finally...a favorite song?

Yes. (Everyone needs a theme song, after all.)
Stop making me choose!
Hey, I'm changeable. Get over it.
Turn down the loud music, please!
Please stop with all these rankings. Who cares?

And that song is?

The Beatles: Great band, or the greatest band? [/Stephen Colbert voice]

Great band.
The Greatest Band.
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So. It is Friday afternoon, and I am bored.

Anyone feel like playing the movie game? You know, I say a movie, and then you have to name a movie that starts with the last letter in the movie title I said, etc, etc, no repeated movies.

I'll start: Matchpoint.
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I totally don't understand exactly how my shuffle function on ITunes really works - it never seems to "shuffle" very effectively. For example, it just played two songs by the same band in a row. And not only are they simply by the same band, it played them sequentially, just as they are on my regular playlist.

Also, the shuffle has an erie knack for pairing songs that I would've paired together myself. Today it seems to be doing a little "best of indie" thing. Maybe this it's doing this because I've been listening to these songs a lot recently? I'm not complaining; it's just confusing to me.

I was planning on going into the lab when it shuffled to a song that I didn't feel like listening to right now, but it keeps picking good songs. Huh.

Oh, and now it's left the indie and gone to my holiday music - The Nutcracker. It has to be basing this on the stuff that I've been listening to recently. And now...some Mozart. Okay, haven't listened to that awhile. Who knows.


In other news, I have finished my first application essay. Much thanks to raskazzptitsa for doing a great beta. I'm actually happy with the way the essay sounds; I sound professional and put-together and as if I actually have an idea of what I want to do with my life. My first version had included a bit more angst about my indecision and confusion about what I wanted to do, but when I was discussing it with my mom, she pointed out that it wasn't all necessary, especially for a grad school essay. At first I was fairly upset by this because it felt somehow dishonest, but reading the essay now, I do think that it's better for it. The original may have been a bit too raw, especially given the field. Yet the final version doesn't sound wholly cold and professional; I waxed poetic about Belize and how much my time there influenced what I want to do, and I also talked about EarthCo stuff. Writing about all of that stuff reminded me that I do have a chance at this, which I think also goes along with what my mom (and other people) keep telling me: I'm psyching myself out about grad school. I know this. I don't know quite how else to function, but the people who are reading my essay don't necessarily need to know this. It's also better to at least appear confident in these situations.

Over the next week, I will be submitting three applications. I will be halfway done. Oh god, that's going to be such a lovely feeling.
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2004: Once More with Rhyming.

First off, Happy Birthday, swsa! I hope you have a wonderful day.


I wanted to do something Christmas-y in my LJ. Who cares if I don't actually celebrate the holiday; I love the feel of this time of year. Last year I wrote schmoop fic, but this year all of my fic ideas seemed a bit to reminscent to what I wrote last year. But then I kind of came up with a very cheesy idea, and was further inspired after reading astrablue's adorable limerick. Technically, I should be posting this tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll be around much tomorrow as I have plenty of errands to do before my mom comes. So, yes. Here is my little attempt at Christmas cheer.

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through LJ....Collapse )

To everyone who celebrates, have a very, very Merry Christmas, and have a happy, healthy New Year!

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Okay, the new Rufus Wainwright CD "Want Two"? It took me a few rounds of listening to the whole thing for it to hit me, but my god, this is fabulous. The first track - "Agnus Dei," which is actually Rufus's take on the traditional Agnus Dei chant - is beautiful, so much so that I just got teary. (Especially given the meaning of the prayer and such.)

Not that it's especially surprising that I'm in love with a new Rufus CD, but I love that moment when you realize just how much you really enjoy something.

In terms of other music that I'm currently obsessed with, earlier this week I couldn't stop listening to The Killers. They have some fabulous lyrics and for an alternative band, the songs from their first album are really diverse.

I need to stop obsessively checking Rufus's website to see if he's posted any tour dates for NYC yet. *Taps foot impatiently*
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Mmph. Slightly drunk...okay, very drunk... but still felt the need to post this.

And what is this, you may ask....

Boys are stupid. Silly, stupid, idioctic boys. Or at least the ones I meet. The smart ones that I like only like blonde bimbos. And the other cute, smart ones happen to lisve in Boston. And have dated my friend. Which is why it would seem wise to like his friend, the other cute guy, but he's the cute, Shakespeare-loving, opera-watching *straight* guy who likes blonde bimbos. And the cute Boston guy - his former roommmate - well, lives in Boston, hence inconvenience, and is very, very bi. Which I can only find sexy. Damn it. And he lives IN BOSTON!

Damn it. Stupid, sexy boys.

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GIP. Blatantly stealing the idea for a political LotR icon from queenofdenile b/c it's just too fun to pass up.

I watched the debates last night in uber-geek mode; I actually sat there taking notes. What will I use these notes for? I have absolutely no clue, but it made me feel all scholarly. And generally speaking, I was quite happy with the debates. For the first half an hour, I thought Kerry and Bush were on relatively even footing, but then Bush began to sound like a broken record as he seemed to have only bothered to remember to Kerry quotes, whereas Kerry was much better about brining in new information, new examples, new quotes (And I think I may have started cheering when Kerry quoted Bush Sr. b/c that was just perfect), etc. Kerry finally came out looking strong, decisive, competent, and presidential, while - in my opinion, at least - George Bush looked like a petulant child unwilling to admit his mistakes. I refuse to be optimistic, but watching the debates, watching the media reaction, and then reading the articles about it this morning, I feel better about the election than I did last week.

I'm also geekily excited for the next few debates b/c Kerry seemed to make a point of bringing up some issues that they'll debate upon later - namely, global warming and stem cell research. I can't wait to see Bush try and debate on science-related issues; I hope he flounders miserably. Here's to hoping he makes a misspeak on par with my favorite Dan Quailism: "It's not pollution that's the problem; it's the impurities in the air and water."

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It seems that everyone has been posting their TV viewing schedule for the fall. I was going to follow suit and do the same until I realized that I'm only planning on watching 2 shows (The O.C. and Lost) regularly. As for everything else, I just don't care that much. The weird thing is that I seem to watch a fair amount of TV, but I guess I end up just plopping down on the couch whenever I have free time and watching whatever happens to be on. Recently, I seem to be watching a lot of Law and Order: SVU and cheesy romantic comedies. Interesting combination.

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Since going on vacation, I've read a fair share of good stuff, and I keep meaning to post my reading list. And so I shall. BooksCollapse )

My 90's party is this Friday. Eeee!
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Random houseguests.

You know what's fun? Stumbling out of bed at 6am, blindly making your way into the living room towards the kitchen, and turning around to see a stranger crashed on the futon.

Of course, I'm sure he's not a complete stranger; he's obviously someone Mikey knows. Still, it's unnerving. A little heads up would be nice. And it's more unnerving given Mike's tendency to hook up w/ random guys he meets online; however, if this is one of those random guys, why was he passed out on the couch with my spare blanket as opposed to sleeping in Mike's room?

On the plus side, it did provide me with motivation to get my ass out of the apartment and go swimming. I would've been more pissed if it had been a normal morning and I'd wanted to do my regular routine of breakfast/coffee/watch news/do crossword in the living room.

That talk I've been putting off having with Mike? Yeah, that really needs to happen soon. This morning I had to resist the urge to be passive agressively annoying and start blasting my music really loudly. I probably would have if not for the fact that it would've also woken up my downstairs neighbors, who I have no issues with and thus no desire to wake them up at 6am.

Swimming was good, and I'm happy that I've been so good about it this week. Amusingly, this guy who commented on my stroke yesterday asked me to watch him today and critique his stroke. So I did, but as I was doing so, all of these other people started gathering around and asking more technique question. Maybe I should start charging;)
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